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Located in sun-filled Daytona Florida, the TA Soccer Academy is an elite level soccer-specific training experience for anyone who contains the passion to challenge themselves at the highest level both academically and athletically. The academy is a program offered in partnership with Warner Christian Academy offers a diverse population of students from the United States and around the world.

From top-notch facilities to elite level coaching, our Academy provides a year-round warm weather training environment for any athlete with the desire to work hard and improve. Students registered at the Academy will complete a full academic workload in the classroom on a daily basis at Warner Christian prior to their specific athletic training schedule in the afternoons and evenings. Strict academic standards will be consistently monitored and must be met in order to participate in our soccer program.

This balance between academics and athletics must always be maintained as we look to mold and create not only tremendous soccer players but more importantly responsible people. Successful holistic development can only be measured with the end result residing in an opportunity to play at the highest level possible while inspiring students to become leaders with a passion for knowledge, global vision and community involvement.

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